The Idea- The Thunder Road event is aimed at Performance VAUXHALL road going cars including all VXR models. Thunder Road is only open to road legal, taxed, tested and insured road vehicles. The fitment and use of aids to performance relating to speed or braking that would not be considered sensible for use on the public highway are not allowed. These include the fitment of Nitrous Oxide equipment, Parachutes, After Market Launch Control ( that produces loud detonations) Jet Engines etc. Note the use of the word fitment as opposed to non usage or switch off. The organisers will adopt a "common sense" approach to any anomolies. However it must be understood that their decision will be final. Some cars on application or on the organisers insistance may be accepted into an Open Class.

The Venue
- The Venue is a military helicopter training ground therefore security is paramount. Everyone entering the base will be required to carry some form of identification at all times whilst on site. All persons attending, Drivers or Supporters need to be pre-registered ie have bought a Driver or Supporter Pass in advance. DO NOT turn up on the day if you are not preregistered.

Children under the age of 16 will be allowed entry free of charge and are not required to be preregistered but must be accompanied by an adult at ALL times.

Documentation / Licences - All competitors must present their full DVLA driving licence or equivilant for inspection at documentation. No licence = No Racing. If for any reason you cannot produce a licence then please call the office on 01469 425040 at least 24 hours before the event. All Drivers will need a Day Competition Licence that is included in the Entry Fee.


Risk Awareness- All competitors will be required to sign a Risk Awareness form acknowledging that Motorsport can be dangerious and participants expose themselves to the risk of Death or serious injury.

- All vehicles entered in the event must pass a scrutineering inspection. Items checked will include MOT if applicable, tyres, battery, Sharp or loose objects. Scrutineering alone does not mean your vehicle is safe. Throughout the event it remains the drivers responsibility to ensure that the car is presented and remains in a safe condition and fit for its purpose.

- Car bodywork must retain its original side, fore and aft sillouettes. The fitment of styling is permitted and can include spoilers and front skirts that fit in with the "spirit" of Thunder Road. Not sure if your fitments are eligible?. Send a picture (please allow 3 days for an answer). Front windows should be kept closed whilst driving on the course.


Tyres- All cars must be fitted with D.O.T /E-marked Road tyres with legal tread depth at all times. Helmets / Seat Belts - Suitable Crash helmets and Seat Belts are required to be worn by all participants at all times whilst on the course. Helmet Hire will be available for £15 on the day. Interior - All loose objects must be removed from the interior of the car including the boot. Cars must be presented in road trim. The removal of seats or interior trim is not allowed. Cars that cannot meet this criteria will run in the Open Class and will not be eligible for Awards.

- The venue is used for motorsport events on a strictly limited number of days per year. For the protection of the venue for this purpose a noise limit of 105 dba static will be imposed. Measured at 3/4 max revs and 1/2 metre from each exhaust outlet. It must be remembered that this event is designed for road cars and as such we would expect all vehicles to silenced to road use levels. The organisers reserve the right to exclude any vehicle that they consider to be noisier than would be aceptable for road use.


Identification :- All competing vehicles must arrive at the Start Line ready to run. Drivers will be issued at Signing On with a numbered Wristband and a pair of Thunder Road Competition Number Plates. These are oblong road style number plate size and should be displayed at the front and rear of the vehicle.

Attire- All Car occupants must wear a suitable Crash Helmet at all times whilst on the course. It is a very sensible insurance requirement that arms and legs must be covered at all times whilst outside of the Paddock Area ie competing. Any Driver arriving at the start with uncovered limbs will be turned away and that run will be forfiet.

- Must be of a standard readily available at any roadside fuel outlet. Any fuel that is brought onto the venue other than in the cars main fuel tank must be in correctly marked containers. Re-fuelling may only take place in the designated refuelling area. Fire Extinguishers - The carrying of a securely mounted AFFF fire extinguisher of at least 1.75 litres is strongly recommended. Fire Marshals will be in attendance.

Cameras - Any camera carried in a car must be sensibly mounted in a position where it is not likely to injure any occupant in the event of an accident. Internal suction mounted cameras need to have a method of secondary restraint. Helmet cameras and handheld cameras are not permitted. Externally mounted camers need to be securely mechanically mounted (not suction mounted).  The organisers decision will be final in the event of a disputed camera mounting. 

– Exact times and locations of Documentation / Safety Briefing / Timed runs etc will be notifed in the Event Instructions that will be emailed out to all Entrants a few days prior to the event.

Safety Briefing - All drivers must attend the driver safety briefing prior to the event or will not be allowed to race. The time & place will be notified in the Event Instructions.